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Bangin Beef began life during the coronavirus lockdown when trained chef for over 25 years, Tony and partner Caroline decided to start producing home-made biltong and beef jerky on a small scale as a hobby. After mastering the process, purchasing state-of-art dehydrators and some outside the box experimentation with exotic flavours, they realised they were on to something!

Since then, Tony and Caroline have been staples at Steyning, Shoreham, Arundel & Findon Valley, as well as a number of one off markets and events including some at Ardingly Show ground, Cowpie Country Show, Heathfield Country Show and a number of events around Hampshire. Check out our events page to see where we will be popping up next.




Beef Jerky and Biltong Producer in Crawley and Horsham our first trading event Tony and Caroline

Come and find us at our next outing, and don't forget to follow us on social media and keep up to date with all our latest news and exciting new flavour releases.




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Beef Jerky and Biltong Producer in Crawley and Horsham



How we make our products

Taking our cuts of beef, our range of ingredients and some imagination, we create fantastic flavours using a blend of traditional American and South African influence alongside English ingenuity.

How else could you come up with bombay biltong or Jamaican jerk jerky?



Biltong? Beef Jerky?

What's the Difference?!

We get asked this question all the time. Although both products are essentially dried beef snacks, they are both from two different cuts of beef.

Our biltong is made from silverside beef cut into steaks, cured, seasoned and hung in our commercial dryers, and airdried for 7-10 days in a controlled environment.

Our jerky is made from beef salmon fillet, cut into a thin slice across the grain to ensure the meat is tender, then marinated and cooked on low heat for 4 to 6 hours.

Our bites and droewors are also airdried in the same way as our biltong.






Why Choose Bangin' Beef?


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Quality Products

We put genuine love and care in each of our products, because we enjoy what we do.

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Customer Service

Shopping with us is more than a commercial experience, come and have a chat and get to know us!

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Proud to use British Beef

We only use the best cuts of British beef for our jerky, biltong, droewors and bites.




Rest assured we hold a 5-star hygiene rating

If you would like to order from us, or to find out more about our beef jerky and biltong, please head to our online shop or feel free to get in touch if wanting more information.

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