Frequently Asked Questions 

How are orders sent out?

Postage for UK customers starts at £4.95 for up to 1.5kg of product (including weight of packaging), anything above 1.5kg will be priced accordingly. Please be aware that we make all of our product’s fresh weekly, so there may be a slight delay in postage depending on when you make your order. All orders are sent in heat sealled bags or vacuum sealed bags.

How do I store my Bangin Beef products?

All products are ambient products and are to be kept in an air tight container, dark cupboard or other cool area out of direct sunlight.

Do Bangin Beef products have a shelf life?

All products are subject to industry standards and are to be consumed within 3 days once opened. Certain products have now been microbiology tested and have longer shelf life, please contact us for more information. Currently, our biltong has a 2 week use by date from cutting.

Food allergies and intolerances?

Allergens are present across a majority of our products. Please contact us for specific allergen details and requirements. We cannot guarantee that our products are free from traces of allergens due to manufacturing.

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